Builders in the Charente, France

With the number of UK ex-pats living in France or owning holiday homes there, it is inevitable that within that population there are an increasing number of UK qualified builders setting up businesses and working legitimately within the French community.  Many of these Builders will work alongside, or may also employ, French builders and artisans.  These English-speaking building professionals are a huge asset to those unable to speak French or lacking confidence in a second language to deal with the technicalities specific to the Building trade.

But as with all trades, reasonable caution should of course be applied to ensure that your builder holds legitimate and reputable qualifications that are recognized within the European country in which they are practicing their trade.  Failure to ensure that you have employed a registered and insured Builder could leave you with costly repairs, uninsured work and potentially high fines and legal bills for employing a black market workforce.