Builders with Insurance in the Charente

Essential to any building job, large or small, is the knowledge that your builder is fully insured.  If your builder in the Charente is not registered to work for an enterprise with a valid Siretnumber, they will not be insured.  If your builder is not insured then any work that they do for you will also not be insured.  In a worse case scenario if an uninsured builder gets injured whilst working on your property you may be liable to compensate them, not to mention any damage that substandard uninsured work could cause to your family or to a third party.   

It is easy to check a company‚Äôs siret number and to request details of their insurance for each of the aspects oftheir trade e.g. roofing, construction, electrics, plumbing.  All builders in the Charente should also be fully covered for 3rd party liability and the amount to which they are insured should be high enough to cover alleventualities.  A properly registered and insured builder in the Charente will always be happy to provide a customer with full credentials.  Without insurance the builder may lose a reputation and may incur a penalty but by employing a builder without insurance you may lose everything!