French Building Regulations

For all those who have ever considered or bought property in France – the bureaucracy and seemingly ever-changing regulations will be a familiar nightmare.   Not to mention the language and legal barriers that may make it difficult for one to fully make sense of the regulations and to understand when, and to whom, they are applicable, or worse, when have been breached.    These difficulties need not cause you a headache if you have a fully-registered local builder who is talking you through each stage of your building project, in your own language.  SLM Construction has been registered in the Charente and as registered artisans they receive regular updates about French Building Regulations affecting their area .  Only If your builder is fully appraised of changing regulations, knowledgeable and able to discuss up-to-date regulations with clients, can the customer ensure that their finished building work will be signed off without undue delay or last-minute changes being imposed.